Your Successful New Sales Career

Have the opportunity to earn money
immediately, create your personal career
path, and build your own business.

EARN while you learn

While you are waiting for your carrier appointments,
you can earn up to $240 to set appointments with
prospects. You are encouraged to ride along on
these appointments to further enhance your
education in marketing to the senior population.

Agent Testimonials

UIG provides an opportunity and environment to build a successful career. I was looking for a company where I would receive training and marketing support that coupled with my general sales experience and people skills would result in a mutually beneficial long term relationship producing income growth.

Since I had no experience selling insurance, it was important to me to partner with a company that would provide training in the basic understanding of Medicare, in specific insurance products, and in the sales methods most likely to result in a positive sales outcome. Both the classroom and in-field training was very helpful in shortening my learning curve and guiding me in the best approach to close a sale.

It was also important to have the support of sales leads provided so I could focus more effort and time in generating sales than in finding prospects.

I have learned that success in the insurance industry is dependent not only on one's initiative and perseverance, but on the collaborative efforts of all involved in the team. The UIG team helps me achieve my goals.

Howard Wolkowitz